July 27th, 2017

Dear Equinox Vidder

Thank you so much for making something for me!!! I really meant to update my signup with a good letter but then I got a) busy and b) sick and completely missed the deadline to do that. You should (of course) make whatever vid you want, and I’m certain I will love it. But if you want it, here’s a super quick list of stuff I like:

General: found family!!! Friendship! Siblings! People being competent and working together to achieve hard things! Also, cool visuals and movement, if that’s a thing you’d be interested in focusing on!

Music: I like indie rap/hiphop, but more importantly I like anything that fits the theme of the vid. Pop, rock, folk, country, musical theater, it’s all good. Slow and sad tends to not be my favorite, but if it works with the emotions in the vid, go for it.

Hidden Figures (2016)
I LOVE the friendship and solidarity between the main women. Also, the math and science.

Holes (2003)
This is a childhood favorite—the kids are great, Kate is great, the Kate/Sam ship is great. A vid focusing on any of those things or on the connections between the past and present would be rad.

Chronicles of Narnia (Movies)
The Pevensie siblings are so wonderful (especially Susan, I will never forgive CS Lewis.) I’d love anything about their relationship as siblings or them having to grow up too fast. (And uh, please avoid glowing portrayals of Christianity with respect to this series, if you can.)

Carmilla (Web Series)
Any and all femslash (and Perry/LaFontaine), friendship and family and teamwork, all of these make for great vids! I imagine the mostly stationary camera makes this source tricky to vid, so I’ll basically be impressed with anything you do for this one.