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Dear Festividder 2016

Hi! Thank you so much for making me a vid! I like pretty much every type of vid so I'm excited to see what you come up with. I'm especially into team/ensemble/friendship vids, character studies, and vids that play with interesting visual aspects of the source material. I'm not looking for any specific ships, but if you feel a shippy vid idea calling to you, go for it! (I really like femslash, although I'll ship pretty much anything.) I'm just happy to be getting a vid, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you make.

In terms of music, I’m a fan of hip-hop, especially Midwestern hip-hop like Dessa and Doomtree. But I listen to pretty much every genre and I really don’t care about the genre of the music if it fits the subject matter well.

I'm a lurker on LJ, but you can check out my tumblr for more information on what I'm into if you'd like! Onto the requests:

Blazing Saddles [Movie] - This movie was a favorite of mine as a kid! It's hilarious and charming, and the entire cast is excellent, especially Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder and Madeline Kahn. I love the slapstick, the Wild West tropes mixed with anachronisms and meta humor, and the Bart & Jim friendship. There are so many fun/funny vids to be made here! (Please leave out the n-word though.)

The Get Down (2016) [TV] - Ugh, these kids <3 All of the young characters in this series are so passionate and talented and I want them to succeed. The various friendships/relationships of the show are the highlight for me: Zeke and Shao, Zeke and Mylene, the Soul Madonnas, the Get Down Brother, the Kipling family, etc. etc. I'd be pretty up for a Shao/Zeke/Mylene vid if you're interested in going in an ot3 direction. The visuals (the use of graffiti! the magical realism! the '70s costumes!) and the soundtrack are also excellent. A vid set to period-appropriate hip hop would be awesome, although you shouldn't feel limited to that!

Gotham Central (2002-2006) [Still Image] - Working with still images can be tricky, but I would be super excited to get pretty much anything from this fandom! It's a great comic focusing on non-superpowered detectives in the DC universe, and I find all the characters and relationships (especially all the detective partnerships!) really compelling. Renee Montoya is also one of my favorite characters ever, and if you wanted to do a vid about her which brought in other sources (Question comics, DCAU, Gotham the tv show), I'd be super here for it.

Janelle Monae videos [Audio, Music Video] - I love everything Janelle Monae does: her sci-fi aesthetic and storytelling, her politics and activism, really just her whole deal. I'd really love a vid set in the Cindi Mayweather universe, maybe incorporating outside sources since the only canon footage comes from a couple of her music videos and some additional promotional videos. She's created such a fascinating story and setting with her albums and I think that world could really use some exploration! If that's not your style, I'd also welcome a more RPF-type approach celebrating any aspect of her life and work.

Legally Blonde series [Movie] - Elle Woods is a national treasure. Her arc in the first movie, from following a guy to Harvard to gaining a ton of supportive female friends to realizing she's better than the guy and ditching him to follow her own ambitions, might actually be the best possible character arc. Overall Legally Blonde is the best because lets femininity be associated with power and intelligence, lets feminine-coded knowledge be valuable and celebrates female communities. A female friendship (or femslash) vid would be great! So would a vid about Elle just generally being a competent badass.

Sky High (2005) [Movie] - This is just a fun, cheesy movie and I would love a fun, cheesy vid for it! I love Warren Peace and his unwilling adoption by the sidekicks. A vid that focused on them, the setting, the ridiculous superpowers/cast of characters, and/or the goofy caricature of a superhero universe they live in would be wonderful. I'd rather not have a vid focusing soley on Will, although it would be pretty natural for him to appear in ensemble or friendship vids.

Tanis [Audio] - I just got into this podcast recently and I love the atmosphere of it! The air of mystery combined with the Pacific Northwest setting really works for me. I also love how Nic's obliviousness and lack of self-preservation are gradually taken to absurd levels (if all your friends are telling you not to go into the creepy magical woods, maybe don't go into the creepy magical woods??? Just a thought, Nic.) The whole cast is great, especially Nic, MK and Geoff. Obviously feel free to pull in other sources, since canon is entirely audio. It also might be possible to do something cool with the images in the notes section of their website.

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