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Dear Holly Polly 2016

Dear Holly Poly Creator,
Thank you so much for making a gift for me! Huge apologies for not getting this letter up sooner, I’ve had a pretty ridiculous week. You are (of course) not at all obligated to do anything suggested here. If you came up with an idea you like before reading this letter, by all means run with it! I’m just excited to be getting a gift and I’m sure I’ll love whatever you make for me. I'm a complete lurker on LJ, but you can check out my tumblr for more information about what I like.

For fic:
Likes: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst with happy endings, competence porn, found family, complex relationships, fake dating, casefic, worldbuilding
Dislikes: PWP, BDSM, A/B/O, significant power imbalance in relationships (including large age differences), anything remotely abusive or dub-con-like in the main pairing (more generally I have no problem with it as long as it’s not treated as healthy)

For art: Same as above! Also, I’ve just noticed that between the Aries 3some, my weird Les Mis prompt, and Mr. Dog Star in my HP request, there’s a lot of space in this letter. Space-related art would be lovely for any of these ships.

For vids: I like pretty much all kinds of vids! Especially vids showing affection between characters, and vids playing with the interesting visual aspects of canon. I’ll enjoy any genre of the music if it fits the subject matter well.

Sirius Black/James Potter/Lily Evans Potter – I love, love, love this ship. I love the canon evidence we got of Sirius and Lily’s affection for each other, and I love that they supported and cared for each other during wartime. They’re all such flawed but fundamentally good people, and they were all so young. I want to know which Marauder Lily befriended first, how they all got together, what their life was like post-graduation during the war, how Sirius would fit in to their parenting. I also wouldn’t mind an Everyone Lives AU set a bit further in the future.

Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet/Grantaire – Joly, Musichetta, and Bossuet are such a solid trio in most of fandom (and canon, arguably) but I feel like they would be such stable and healthy partners for Grantaire as well. I’d love to see pranking, domesticity, general antics, or H/C with any combination of hurters vs. comforters. Canon era is fine (modern AU is also good, as is any other AU that strikes you as interesting) but no canon death, please!

Enjolras/Combeferre/Grantaire – There are so many things I would like for this pairing. Hurt/Comfort! Negotiating a poly relationship! Pretty much any AU you’d like to stick them in! Okay, bizarrely specific prompt time: Combeferre definitely knows about the Three Body Problem, which governs the motion of three stars or planets in orbit around each other. Combeferre almost certainly knows that the problem is not generally solved and that the celestial bodies usually end up crashing into each other or flying off into space. Combeferre is probably trying really hard not to see this as a relationship metaphor.

Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen/Mark Watney – The previous prompt probably gave away my love for science and space (and science in space). I also love competence porn, which this ship has in spades. And they’re such nerds!!! I’d be interested to see what their relationship would look like if they were together before/during canon. How do Beck and Johannsen deal with Watney’s “death” and return? Or if they got together post-canon, what were Beck and Johannsen’s reactions to Mark basically setting them up from Mars? Does the rest of the crew know? Does NASA? Does the rest of Earth ever find out?

Thank you again for writing/drawing/vidding for me!
Tags: harry potter, les miserables, the martian
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