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Dear Equinox Vidder

Thank you so much for making me a vid! I’m very easy to please, so don’t feel too constrained by the suggestions in this letter—I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever you make. In terms of music, I’m a fan of hip-hop, especially Midwestern hip-hop like Dessa and Doomtree. But I listen to pretty much every genre and I really don’t care about the genre of the music if it fits the subject matter well.

I feel like I’ve maybe implied below that I don’t want a sad/dark vid, and that’s not entirely true. I can definitely love a dark or serious vid, but given recent world events I’d rather not receive anything completely hopeless. Use your judgment! Other than that caveat, there’s no genre of vid I don’t enjoy. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

General likes – found family, friendship/team vids, cool space visuals, explorations of sci-fi worldbuiding and concepts
General dislikes – relationships with a significant age/power difference, very slow angsty vids (especially ones that are heavy on voiceovers), excessive focus on character death, space Nazis treated as anything other than outright villains

The Martian – I love how hopeful this movie is about humanity and the future. Anything that captures that would be lovely, either on the level of the crew and NASA working together and doing amazing science, or on the level of everyone on Earth rooting for Watney. I also ship Watney/Johanssen/Beck, so if you’re interested in doing something in that vein, go for it!

Ender’s Game – so I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen this movie since it came out in 2013. I love the books and I wasn’t 100% sold on this adaptation, but I remember the visuals being pretty on point. I’m interested in the future world that has been shaped by the war, and the effects of growing up as a child soldier in that world. I’d love a vid focused on Ender’s toon and/or his relationship with his siblings—I’m less interested in a solely Ender-focused vid.

Rogue One – I know this could be tough given the source material, but I’d prefer a vid with at least a somewhat hopeful tone. Found family would be good here, as would anything focused on the rebellion as a whole and the fight being carried on from generation to generation (if you want to include footage from other Star Wars media I’d be totally into that!)

Firefly –Every member of this crew is near and dear to my heart (but especially the ladies, and especially Zoe). I know I’m hitting found family about every 3 sentences in this letter, but I feel like it goes without saying here. Anything about how they keep moving and surviving and supporting each other is good content. Also, I’m very fond of heists. Space heists! Train heists with spaceships! Undercover jobs involving costumes and bad acting!
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