Dear Festividder:

Thank you for doing this! I love all of these sources and I’m really excited to see what you do with them!

I watch a huge variety of vids, so I’ll be happy with pretty much anything you come up with. For these fandoms, I’m mostly interested in gen, ensemble vids or character studies rather than any specific ships. In terms of music, I’m a huge fan of Midwestern hip-hop, especially Dessa and Doomtree. But really, I don’t care about the genre of the music if it fits the subject matter well.

Because I’m 100% a lurker on LJ, I’m including links to my tumblr. There’s not a ton there, since all the fandoms are so tiny, but maybe it will be helpful!

The Cabin in the Woods (tumblr): I’m not much of a horror fan, but this movie is pretty perfect. Genre deconstruction! Witty banter! Tropes! Josh Lyman and Whedonverse actors!

Chronicle (tumblr): A really underrated movie. I love the cinematography and the superhero deconstruction! There’s also a bit of slash potential, so you can run with that if you’d like.

Clue (1985) (tumblr): This is a really old favorite of mine. The acting is hilarious, the plot is beautifully convoluted, especially the multiple choice endings, and the puns are perfection.

The Colbert Report (tumblr): Stephen Colbert is such a huge nerd, it’s beautiful. Some of his guests can be really funny and excellent as well.

Gotham Central (2002-2006) (tumblr, +): Dealing with still images and limited art seems challenging, but Renee Montoya is one of my favorite characters ever. The rest of the team is pretty wonderful as well—every single character in this book manages to be well-developed and complex. I also enjoy the way this comic deals with the being normal in a superhero universe.

Rick and Morty (tumblr): This show has a lot going for it, although the humor is borderline too dark for me sometimes. I especially love all the rarely-acknowledged family feelings.

RPF - staff videos (tumblr, +): These guys are adorable. The After Hours crew are my favorites. I will also ship pretty much any two of them.

Snowpiercer (2013) (tumblr): A relatively new movie, loosely based on a comic book I also like. I’m not exactly sure why I enjoyed this movie so much, but the particular dystopia is very novel (if not physically possible) and the aesthetic is very appealing to me.